Particles are incredibly simple building blocks that Gantry 5 themes thrive on. They are easy to set up, require no coding experience to configure, and are built on an intuitive and human-readable Twig and YAML file structure that makes developing them a breeze. You can use particles to set up your logo, display content in […]

Block Variations

Block variations are easy-to-use preset styles that can be applied to any content block. You can do this through the admin by navigating to the particle and/or block’s settings in the Layout Manager, selecting the Block tab, and selecting them within the Variations field.


Helium comes with a robust set of typography options that you can use to bring your content to life. In this page, we will list and give examples of the many typography options you can use. Variations Variations are classes that can be applied inline, as well as put to use in some particles through […]